The following are some of the activities that take place in the conservatory studios:
* demo recordings supervised by Lex Tanger. Students and teachers alike may make demos (for a small fee; please contact Lex Tanger for additional information).
* the Pop Department uses Studio-2 three days a week under the supervision of Attie Bauw
* studio workshops
* dubbing examinations (practical evaluation in a studio setting)
* selective recordings of outside projects (CD, theatre, big band, classical recordings, etc.)

There are four studios:
* Studio-2
* Studio 3
* Studio 538
* Studio 539


Studio-2 (floor -2) is a fully equipped, professional studio. The large high room can accommodate a complete big band. Additionally, there are three smaller, acoustically separated rooms. The studio has the following equipment:
* ProTools HD3 Digidesign 192 Digital I/O with C|24 Control Surface and Waves Mercury plug-ins
* 32-ch multi-link with stage Bernard Haitinkzaal, Amsterdam Blue Note and Sweelinckzaal
* Neumann, B.L.U.E., DPA, AKG, Shure Coles microphones
* PMC IB1S monitors + Brigston amp and Focal SM6 mini monitors. Hear headphone mixers.
* 32-ch RME-Micstasy mic preamps, Avalon 747 high end tube compressors and Millennia TD-1 DIs.
* Mac Pro computer with two 23 inch monitors
* DVD recorder with video connection to the stages
* Yamaha C7 concert grand, several drum kits and guitar amplifiers

Studio 3

In Studio 3 (third floor), a control room, performances in the Bernard Haitinkzaal, Amsterdam Blue Note and Sweelinckzaal can be recorded. Here, the Pop Department's mixing and editing workshops are taught by Attie Bauw. This studio has the same equipment as Studio -2.

Studio 538

In Studio 538 students are taught how to use computers, synthesizers, samplers and the mixer in music production (Music Technology), how to use studio recording equipment (Practical Studio Technique) and how to compose music for film (Composing for Film).
* Yamaha O2/R96 digital mixer
* Quad ESL monitors
* Dynaudio 5.1 monitor set
* 50” flatscreen tv
* Mac Pro plus 4 iMacs
* Digidesign 192 Digital I/O
* various synthesizers: Memory Moog, Clavia Nord Modular, Roland (D70/2080/3 x 1080), 4 x Yamaha DX-7, Akai S5000
* various software packages, including Logic, Cubase, ProTools, Waves Gold-bundle, NI Komplete

Studio 539

In Studio 539 the subject of Electronic Music Composition is taught and related practicums given. Lessons are one-on-one, and intended primarily for composition students. Courses in electronic music are group lessons. The objective of the lessons is to find a connection between the student's own compositional premises and the technical possibilities offered by the studio, ultimately resulting in the student's own recorded electronic or live electronic composition. Equipment: 
* Soundcraft 600 mixer
* 8 Genelec 8040 in octophonic set-up
* Mac Pro (ProTools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live etc.)
* KYMA/Capybara Sound computation system
* ADAT digital multitrack recorder
* Studer 1/4" tape deck
* an analog modular synthesizer system
* Nord Modular
* various effect devices